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  1. I'm curious about how people handle the "X money per minute" fee system when it comes to repeats and variations within the music. I mean, for example I make a track that has a 1-minute A part, then a 1-minute B part, and thereafter the song starts from the beginning. So that's 2 minutes to charge for. But on the second round the B part has new production tricks and little arrangement variations that weren't there the first time. Making them may take considerable time but they're an important part of the listening experience in the end. Do you then charge for 4 minutes (A, B1, A, B2)? Or maybe just 3 because the A's are identical? I'm looking to be as fair and realistic as possible, but I already know that some devs may get picky and say "COME ON IT JUST LOOPS AROUND, SAME SONG". It's not. It's musical variety.
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