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  1. An old Rare Ware gem that I find not a lot of people talk about, or heck even know. I'm fond of this games slow atmospheric tracks. When I was a kid, I felt tense and like the tracks matched the games settings perfectly, and the tone of the game in many ways. At many times I felt unnerved, or in awe of what I was interacting with. The tension of invading military bases, not knowing what kind of dangers lurked inside. The darkness of Tawfret leaving me scared to even progress, the darkness with the glowing eyes of the enemies... The isolated feeling on the SS anubis, or how the main theme in and of itself made me feel heroic and just in what I was doing. Tracks I would recommend: Eschebone, Asteroid, The Title Theme, Hover Craft Race, and the Water Ruins. I'm not sure how workable it is to be honest. I just want to see some love this game deserves.