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  1. Has my "The Shinobi" Remix (from "Revenge of Shinobi") deleted?

    If so, why? Sure I know, it really was no masterpiece (but the first mix I ever made), but since nobody ever gave a f*** (sorry) to remix that song I wonder if it really had to be deleted :(.

    It was a "cool" idea to actually delete the corresponding thread, too so nobody would notice it ever existed.

  2. A lot better than the other two DJP Revenge mixes.


    I loved "DaFactoryFunk", so shut the f... up... (just kidding)! :lol:

    But I agree, this mix sounds very good, too. I'd love to see DJPretzel make a mix of "The Shinobi" or a cool track of the "Shinobi III" soundtrack...

    ... is the bass, like Xelebes mentioned. I would've liked a heavier, thumping sound too, but I suppose You Can't Always Get What You Want.

    I'm afraid I have to agree with that. This mix is awesome, but I, too, love those loud, heavy hard drums...

    ... sure it's a matter of taste :roll:. That way the song sounds more "easy", which is nice, too. But a kicking heavy drum would've been nice, too...

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