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  1. Has my "The Shinobi" Remix (from "Revenge of Shinobi") deleted? If so, why? Sure I know, it really was no masterpiece (but the first mix I ever made), but since nobody ever gave a f*** (sorry) to remix that song I wonder if it really had to be deleted . It was a "cool" idea to actually delete the corresponding thread, too so nobody would notice it ever existed.
  2. What the...? THREE thumbs up!!! One, if not the best game remix I have ever heard. I'm a big fan of the Revenge Shinobi and Shinobi III score, so I just love this similar composition and of course what the remixer did with it.
  3. he probably meant he didn't write the original song
  4. I loved "DaFactoryFunk", so shut the f... up... (just kidding)! But I agree, this mix sounds very good, too. I'd love to see DJPretzel make a mix of "The Shinobi" or a cool track of the "Shinobi III" soundtrack... I'm afraid I have to agree with that. This mix is awesome, but I, too, love those loud, heavy hard drums... ... sure it's a matter of taste . That way the song sounds more "easy", which is nice, too. But a kicking heavy drum would've been nice, too...
  5. I agree - AWESOME stuff!! Excellent first mix of the remixer!!
  6. This one is really cool and fun to listen to. It sounds very professional and is great to listen to. Must have been a lot of work. 2 thumbs up, DJ Pretzel! Everybody, check it out!
  7. I enjoy this mix very much - it's not a loud or fast song as the original song wasn't either, so IMO it's a good song to relax. I was especially impressed by the nice creation of the drums and the improved quality of the instruments and of the song in general. Very well done!
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