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  1. Ok, today I decided to take down my Lyrics video and reuploaded to a Lyrics Channel I have made. But going to my Video Manager I see It has been rejected. "Content Inappropriate". WTF?! How is the Sonic The Hedgehog OCR Remix "Inappropriate Content"?! Does the song have bad words in it, or meanful/hurtful things in it? Or doesn't have any sexual words in it, nor it was like Flagged for Copyright! No of course not! It was Flagged for "Content Inappropriate", WTF?! I also got a Strike on my YouTube Channel for this too. YouTube stated that: "17 people Flag this video as "Content Inappropriate". You have also been given one Strike." What can I say to Appeal my video? To remove the Strike and also get the video? What can I say?? Also YouTube Flagging System is fucked up, over 10 months that video has been there on YouTube, and over 10 months of Flagging gets it taken down. WTF Man?! If I can't download Remixes from here that has Lyrics and make a Lyric Video and Upload it to my AllLyrics* YouTube channel, then that is just wrong. it not even like it is Commercial Music. it's been remixed, that people can use freely, or use it for Non-Commercial use. - But then yet again, look at the video above it, Shell Shocked by Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign ft. Kill The Noise & Madsonik, I can make I Lyrics video out of that without no one flagging it. Besides the point. The point really is, is the Remix, "Absolution Comes in Dreams" actually got any "Content Inappropriate"?? Sorry, for being mad, I'm just frustrated, I thought my New Channel could not just be for Songs like Taylor Swift, Lily Allen, Eminem, Snoop Dogg etc., but also for Gaming Music that has lyrics including Remixed, gaming and non-gaming music. Thanks for your replies, and help!! Bj007pro *AllLryics is a Brand-New YouTube Channel that has just been created a week ago. It only has 3 videos on it, but is willing to have a lot, a lot more in the coming time.
  2. Very weird, very weird indeed. I found it weird how each other were saying the character's saying. Like Peter say 'mmmmm Donut' and Homer saying Peter's Says. Another where Stewie was saying 'Eat my shorts" and "cowabunga". Etc. The fight at the end with Peter and Home was very weird as well. Having characters from The Simpsons, American Dad, The Cleveland Show, and Bob's Burger's was strange. and it what a crossover, but I thought it was meant to be The Simpsons and Family Guy. But yet again people who created Family did also make The Cleaven's Show and American Dad. But still those two other show should came in to it. When Peter said "I'm just tired, Louis. It's just that we mainly only do this for a Half-an-hour." (Get it? - Because Family Guy, The Simpsons only manley go on for 30 minutes with ads.) The gag at the starting where Family was watching TV and it was a show about a two show's Crossing over, was inducting there was going to be a Crossover with the show, Family Guy. So I will rate it a 6.5/10. - I mean It wa good but not grate. also I don't know why, but I want to see another one done again. But maybe The Simpsons going to Family Guy's town/state. What's your thought/s?
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