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  1. After a bit of tinkering and searching, also found a foobar component called pretty popups that will get the info to show on screen when the song starts! I edited the look of the popup, since normally it looks pretty ugly, but the component has great configurations to it. I also changed some of the lines, so it shows the address to the artist's OCRemix artist page. Below is an example! http://i.imgur.com/d1xcr44.png
  2. Hello guys, I'm making this post to help others who use OCRemix tracks in their content and want to credit artists well, and for OCRemix artists to see and give feedback on. I've been using OCRemix tracks in my let's play style videos instead of the game's soundtracks. I've been doing this for a few reasons, originally it was to avoid nasty Content Holding companies, but I've come to enjoy sharing the work you do. Originally I used a simple way to credit in the descriptions of my videos. This is fine and works, but it lacked the ability of knowing which artists were playing, and which of
  3. Brilliant! I'll have myself a peek!
  4. I see Big Giant Circles also gives permission to use any tracks hosted on OCRemix "You must purchase the music legally. (Note, using my freely-available remixes is fine too)" Do you have a similar policy to that? Using your freely-available remixes? Honestly I've got a tiny Youtube channel and got sick of getting hassled by Content ID handling companies, but now I just love listening to these remixes whilst making my videos, and enjoy letting others listen to them too!
  5. Thanks a lot! My channel is www.youtube.com/pattoe

    I'll put some of your stuff in my next video. Can't wait! :D

  6. Hey, Glad to hear you enjoy some of my work! It's totally cool if you want to use some of my tracks on your YouTube Channel. I also appreciate that you are willing to give credit. Feel free to send me a link so I can check it out.

  7. Hello Arceace. Really loving your work on here. I'm a small time Youtuber and make a few let's plays. Could we discuss perhaps using your music in them, with full credit, of course! Keep up the good work :-)

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