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  1. These are beautiful (the first two are favorites of mine, and I even use a different version of the "Theme of Love"), but... I need something more... Let's call it background-ish? These are spectacular, but they are too... Felt. I need something that is really beautiful, but works as an ambient song. You get my perspecitve?
  2. So for the last 6 months, I'm working as a massage therapist in a well-known spa. As of late, I began adding video game music to the spa's playlist, starting with, of course, Final Fantasy, as I absolutely love the series (here's a real shocker), but mostly the soundtracks (which, when you think of it, drove me into playing the actual games). I started with the Piano Collections series and the and "Potion: Relaxin' with Final Fantasty" duo (although I prefer the first one, because it doesn't have any vocals, only instruments), which sound like they were actually made to be used in a spa. ...Bu
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