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  1. Here's the original thread. http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=351893 Look for Licensing information. All the different CC licensing and everything else can make life difficult in compilations.
  2. Thanks for the mention. I'm the chap who did the Kontakt version of the soundfont. I communicated with Sarcyan, the guy who made the soundfont. He says "Please note that Evanessence (previous name of Musyng Kite) soundfont is a compilation of samples from different people and my own collections/work. Many of the samples were edited from different free sources and hence it is a free soundfont, thus not meant to redistribute as a commercial soundfont or use it for any commercial purpose. Other than that, you can sell any music and so on you have made with it, it's up to you." I got permission to do the Kontakt conversion, which was appropriate, but as I understand it you can sell music made with the soundfont without a problem. It's only selling the soundfont itself or as I did converting to another format that would require special permission. Also as a suggestion the Sonatina and U of Iowa orchestral types are both available to use for free. I did Maize VSTis based on Sonatina that work well for some people and not so well for others and of course also kontakt. http://bigcatinstruments.blogspot.com/2014/09/bigcat-maize-vstis.html The original are sfz. http://sso.mattiaswestlund.net/ Also a (somewhat up to date)list of totally free instruments. http://bigcatlists.blogspot.com/ Pardon the advertising, but at least everytinhg is free.
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