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  1. Great to hear! I was hoping to finish it this week, but forgot that I have to go to the In-Laws this weekend. lol
  2. Here is my next W.I.P. It's just the title screen at the moment. After the fade out, the Stats Screen melody will start to play. It'll be some heavy crushing guitars. What do you guys think so far?
  3. All that is quite possible. I'm doing all this on cheap PC speakers at the moment. However, at the end of the month I'll be putting my order in for my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and Yamaha HS5s. It'll be a godsend! I tend to do extra panning with my cymbals in general and toms for a crazy stereo width spectrum - sometimes when I use too many of one cymbal it can get lopsided like that. Thanks for the comments! I've got a Doom 64 one in the works at the moment.. and planning my next ones in advance.
  4. Hey there, thanks a lot! I need to think of a way/place to make these things downloadable. I'm barely able to get one of these out per week with my current work schedule. If you have any other songs you'd like to see, I might be able to hammer it out.
  5. Hey all, my most recent cover. Doom 64 is next.
  6. Hey guys, It's been a while, but here is my new cover/remix. I kept it pretty simple, though wrote entirely new drum lines. I used Sonar Platinum, Dimension Pro, Massive Metal Bass, and Addictive Drums 2. Enjoy!
  7. Another one for you - but a movie theme this time around. I've always loved Basil Poledouris and his music for Conan the Barbarian is iconic. Here is my go at his epic 'Anvil of Crom'. I arranged this one in 11/8 meter. Enjoy.
  8. Hey guys. This has the VS screen, title track, Sabrewolf theme and Cinder themes. Enjoy.
  9. I always thought that this one could be much heavier and beefier. I'm considering re-recording the whole Quake II soundtrack like this.
  10. Hey there! Pretty cool theme and it'd be a perfect candidate for the theme you've chosen. When I was listening (I listened twice through and then jumped around a few times) it really felt like all the melody-dominant instruments were coming from the left-pan only and that all the rhythm was coming from the right pan. Also, the song really gets pretty loud when all the instruments come in. I'd consider backing instruments that no longer carry the main melody back. Also, wouldn't hurt to throw a touch of overall reverb. The melodies are really good. I quite like what you've written and I definitely could see the forest in my mind when I was listening to what you wrote. It honestly really reminded me of the beginning of Ocarina of Time.
  11. Here is something I just recently finished. I used 'Intermission' and 'Stage 1' from Altered Beast to create a bit of a black metal/80's metal mash-up. Hope you guys enjoy! Again, if any strangeness, please let me know what you hear and what you were listening on. (Headphones, PC speakers, home stereo, laptop speakers, etc.)
  12. I've heard their library before. It sounds really good. A bit out of my range at the moment, so I use at the moment. I'd like to upgrade to Trilian in the future.
  13. Thanks for the notes. I don't have any high end audio gear to listen and mix from. Just a cheap pair of computer speakers and a pair of Sennheiser HD215's which don't much. I struggle with low end often due to these factors. The guitar was built with the free TSE 808 and the LE456. I backed down the gain input and used a Marshall JCM900 GT75 impulse. I definitely agree with both of you about the lead guitar (and lead guitar in general I'm still not very good at recording yet). Do you use a real bass or a VST library? Just curious. Thanks for your thoughts.
  14. The lead guitar (solo) is straight down the middle while the other leads are at about 80% left/right. It does have a delay, but the free delay plugin (Kjaerhus) doesn't do much for me. In fact I need to play with it a bit more to be honest - but definitely want the solo guitar to sound better. Cannibal Corpse for sure! That solo is a page right out of their catalog, lol. Thanks for the suggestions!
  15. It was a bit of everything. I opened the mix up more with a hi-shelf and did a more aggressive compression/limiter to help the song get a bit beefier. Also brought down the snare and noticed out some muddiness. Glad it sounds better for you!