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  1. Trying to get out of my Orchestra and Acoustic comfort zone and do something different for once. These two tracks were both inspired by the incredible Transistor soundtrack: Resistance: https://soundcloud.com/sound-phenomenon/resistance Deep Zone: https://soundcloud.com/sound-phenomenon/deep-zone
  2. Hi everyone - I'm working up my portfolio of original music and made this 8bit/NES style track. Would like to hear feedback from anyone. https://soundcloud.com/tyler-river-1/bullethell-8bitfrenzy The rest of my originals are here if anyone is interested: http://videogamemusicremixes.weebly.com/portfolio.html
  3. Just finished up another track from Final Fantasy VI. I'm working towards remastering/Remixing/Covering the whole album. How much I change depends on the track, and for this one I added a bunch of new contrapuntal lines to the melody. Enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/tyler-river-1/ffvi-forever-rachel For the others in my FFVI playlist, go here: I'm working through this music to help me learn new tools for sampling and synths so I would say that there's some inconsistency overall, but a few gems in there too!
  4. I would like to claim the forbidden land for the FFiii project. I put this in a reply on your thread, but I wasn't sure if that was the best way to make the claim. Sorry I'm a bit new to the forums, but I would love to work on this track! If you want to hear some of my stuff, here's my site: http://videogamemusicremixes.weebly.com/

  5. This is a track based on FFVI Phantom Forest: Feedback is always very welcome
  6. Working on the whole FFVI soundtrack right now and I jusy finished this one up today. Mostly a cover but I added a number of lines and changed up orchestration quite a bit. Would love to hear what you all think: For the other FFVI tracks, here's a playlist:
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