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  1. Hi everyone, We're a small team currently working on Trudy's Mechanicals, a turn-based tactics game set in a Steampunk setting. As the project exits its pre-production phase, we'd like to open the doors for a talented composer to join our team! We're interested in creating a distinct soundtrack that complements the game's dark tone, loosely Slavic setting, and Steampunk aesthetic. Accordingly, the composer shouldn't feel afraid to break away from the military marches, triumphant horns, and soaring string sections that are typical of the tactics genre. We want someone who can tap into the cultural aspects of the setting using accordions, balalaikas, fiddles, and tambourines in rhythmic and chaotic musical forms. Steampunk itself also provides a wonderful backdrop that can be used for texture and rhythm, e.g., whistling pipes, chattering typewriters, pumping piston, winding clockwork, etc., and we'd love to use such samples to enhance the overall atmosphere. Trudy will require a wide variety of musical themes for characters, areas, story elements, and battle themes, and we'd like someone to take an active and creative part in that production. If you're interested in the project, please visit our site: http://www.incubatorgames.com/20150224/trudy-music-opening/ Thanks for your time!
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