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  1. Yeah, thanks for all the replies. Given what you're saying, it doesn't look the it is the torrents. I'm using transmission for Mac. I use a filter list, which might be a problem, or the client could be having some issues. I'll try a different client and see if I get different results. If it's not the client, then maybe it's a problem with my network configuration, though torrents usually work. O, I tried using a different client and there were lots of seeders. That was clearly the issue. Thank you so much for responding to my question so quickly. I disabled the filter list on Transmission,
  2. Hi, I'm really excited about downloading some of the great albums the community has released, but there is literally no one seeding anything and there is no other way to download. I tried about 15 different things before giving up. Can somebody help? I'll list what I'm looking for and maybe somebody can seed. Thanks. 25 Year Legend - Legend of Zelda Tribute Final Fantasy VI - Balance and Ruin Megaman X Series Radical Dreamers Kong in Concert Jonathan
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