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  1. Highly likely. All windows 7 and 8.1 PCs will be offered a free upgrade...if you have one.
  2. Ctr-S seems to be removed entirely as well. No file menu, ect. I know that a download dialog can be instantiated, because I was able to download Spotify. That was an exe though, and the browser has no place running exe's like it does mp3's.
  3. I found the last fresh install of IE completely acceptable, offering insignificant negatives vs. the leading competitor. Aside from that fact, I am a power user for chrome. I've been using chrome since its first beta, before they added all of the features that bloated it to the same extent as Firefox. In my opinion, all of the browsers are now too complicated to compete with my personal standards. (Not complicated to understand, complex in nature). If you left click you will get the playback page similar to chrome, which is great. The problem, no right click save as. It seems obvious th
  4. As of current: "July 29th, 2015" OC​​remix uses the contextual menu of any typical web browser to download audio, instead of the "click to open download dialog" option seen for some download types across the web. Microsoft Edge, the new web browser for Windows 10, has removed the save as and save target as options from its menu, leaving the second option as the only available avenue to downloading the media without some third party software. (To my knowledge)... I did send them feedback, and I'm sure they'll fix it or force the download dialog for direct links such as seen on OCremix. I'
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