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  1. Sorry to necro this post, but I just wanted to say the original composer who was interested in this project has sense dropped out due to life reasons. I am once again desperate for a composer if anyone is still interested.
  2. I have actually found someone for this project, but if he needs a hand would you guys be interested? I am also working on getting another project going for a free to play title I want to get released on steam. But its touch and go if anyone is interested.
  3. I am looking for anything that helps make the experience come alive.
  4. Even one Musician working alone would be good, but honestly I would take any and all help I could get. I need roughly 30-31 tracks.
  5. We are comprising a demo at the moment, the pixal artists we have are designing the things I need once that is done I can finish making a demo. I got some "current" in game screens but bare in mind they are not %100 complete yet. The country they live in not a work map a "country" map I have planned three more installments if people like this. Also to avoid filling the forum with a super huge image here is on my deviantart. http://thewhiterose000.deviantart.com/art/Continent-of-536584191
  6. Hello Overclock Remix! Loved this place as a kid it was my number one hang out for good tunes and incidently that is how I found this place again. Engraved in my memory so I figure might as well shoot my issue this way see if I can get some help. For the last six months I have been designing a game to get out of crippling debt after my wife got sick. An we have gotten far enough in it to where I need music problem is I don't got a budget I plan on going to kickstarter in the long run to help fun some things but ultimately I do not think it will get that far. So I am asking here if anyone out
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