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  1. Nice little hint in the latest remix post. I wonder what it could mean? Also, last month (a month ago today - January 7th) was the 10-year anniversary of the first post for this project. Bit of a milestone there. Is that an OCR record? (pun intended)
  2. Ha, I complained about it not being at the panel at ConBravo (earlier in this thread), and then I went to MAGFest and this one showed up at the panel there. Even so, I'll believe it when I hear it.
  3. To be honest, I can't remember any of them, because I was just disappointed that this one wasn't included on the list. I think maybe the FFV part 2 was on there - they joked about how it was split up into parts so it would release faster but despite that, it's still been a very slow release. Also, maybe another Heroes vs Villains one, and maybe another one for something like MAGFest. I think there were four or five on the slide, but honestly I could be wrong about all three of these guesses. Their panel was early in the morning after a long night.
  4. Too bad being worked on for 7.5+ years doesn't put you first in line. I guess it doesn't work that way! Thanks for the response, anyways!
  5. At the ConBravo panel hosted by the OC University guys, they had a slide listing the albums upcoming this year. Funny that this one didn't get included on that slide. It seems so close to being done. Maybe it's because none of those guys contributed to this album? It's been a month and a half since the last post, and I'm really looking forward to this album, so I thought I'd sign up and say something, considering I've been lurking here for probably 11 years (I think I found out about this site in 04 or 05).
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