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  1. Yes! We only have one video editor at the moment and he is a programmer as well so having another cook in the kitchen would help him out tons. Poor guy. As for examples - feel free to include whatever you're most proud of. As stated in the OP this is a very experimental setting so your personal style is more than welcomed both before and after you're on the team. Stuff that you think would work in a Smash setting will definitely earn bonus points! Feel free to use Mediafire - we'll be looking mostly at composition rather than high rendering quality. EDIT: And thanks a ton for the applications guys! We'll make sure to get back to you asap : )
  2. Fixed the link guys, sorry about that! Used to vBulletin that automatically removes the period at the end of the links Feel free to apply now. And yes, we definitely could use as much help as we can get. This is a huuuuuuge project and we need tons of music.
  3. Super Smash Flash 2 is a Smash Bros. fan game for the PC. With a large fanbase, active online community, and more than 1,000,000 daily plays, it’s not only the most popular Super Smash Bros. fangame, but also one of the most successful video game fan projects ever created - all constructed from the ground up. For the early years of SSF2’s development, music was not a focus, but with the last few versions we’ve been trying to change that. Smash Bros. games are known for having a large, diverse collection of the best video game music, and we want SSF2 to be no exception. We’ve come here today to request your help to achieve this objective and bring more high-quality music to Super Smash Flash 2. What can we offer: - Spotlight! This is a game played by millions of people. Yes, seriously. We have an online community of hundreds of thousands of active players, and the number grows as the version number does. - We have a small, but tightly-knit developer team. Our team has achieved a lot together, and we promise a good environment and proper tools for you to be comfy working with us. - Early access to work-in-progress versions of our upcoming releases so you can hear/see what your music adds to the game! - Part of having a soundtrack for a Smash Bros. game is having diversity in musical style. We allow and encourage ourselves to experiment musically to a large degree, with the main guidelines/restrictions coming from the ambiance of the stage where the music will be used. Feel free to check these samples to get an idea what we’re talking about: Please turn your volume down before clicking - these are direct MP3's of ingame music which is fed into the game at max volume. Kraid's Lair Waiting Room Cruel Smash! Majora's Mask Medley Bomberman's Theme What we're looking for: - You should be willing to keep an open mind and willing to attempt many different songs from different series as needed. - You must be versatile, and willing to challenge the usual in Smash. Some of our remixes stick close to the originals, while others are more experimental. SSF2 includes rock, orchestral, jazz, and latin, among other styles. - You must be able to discuss your work and receive constructive criticism. - You are likely to be assigned with confidential tasks. You’ll need to be able to keep confidentiality until your work is released to the public. - We’re not requiring any particular DAW or music-related software. Do note: SSF2 is an unpaid project - but there may be paid projects in our future after SSF2 is completed. If you’re interested, please make an account on http://forums.mcleodgaming.com, then apply at http://bit.ly/SSF2Apply. You may post any questions or concerns in this thread, or direct them to our press/partners email - ssf2devs@mcleodgaming.com if you prefer. We look forward to help from the talent here! We know there's a lot of Smash fans on OCR and we were fortunate enough to meet some staff members at Apex 2015. We're sure we can make magic with your help.
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