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  1. Hello, the good people of OCR! First time remixer, long time listener here. So, this weekend has been a wild ride into the depths of virtualized midi I/O devices, with which I've managed to export some Lost Vikings-music that hasn't been shared yet. While still figuring out the ins and outs of Midi Yoke / Midi Ox and t2mf, I started this exploration into the somewhat-known by trying to rip the Introduction tale music from Lost Vikings, a rare gem that sadly not enough people know of. The Midi-to-text-to-midi resulted in a few jitters in BPM, but other than that the process exceeded my expectations. If you've got something that needs ripping, The Lost Vikings is not a hard nut to crack. But anyways, here's the Introduction tale background music, remixed to be a Future-bass-"ish" Synth-funk piece. Hope you enjoy!