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  1. Listening to the long version now... This is like candy for my ears. Wow.

    Oh, crap, I KNEW I would get flamed for this. . . Alright, alright, just forget everything I said. I shouldn't have posted, I shouldn't have given my opinion, just forget about everything. God, I'm so dumb, why did I write that?! :banghead:

    Um, calm down. He may have been a little sarcastic but he wasn't flaming you. Since I only lurk here I don't know how bad the flaming can get, but compared to where I usually post (somethingawful.com) that doesn't even barely qualify as a flame. It's not the end of the world here. Have a little respect for yourself.

    I actually agree with your opinion somewhat, although on a more specific scale - I think most techno sounds exactly the same, especially trance. Note "most" - this one is one of the few that I absolutely love. Although I'm not saying trance or techno is bad, just that there's a lot of crap out there.

    Anyway, I think I'll load up my "SGX-only" playlist for a while. Whee.

  2. Oh great, I have a NEW favorite song. You rock, SuperGreenX.

    Seriously, I'm really shocked and amazed at how he actually took a game with a very minimalistic soundtrack and turned it into an absolutely awesome trace tune - and I usually hate trance. This one's on my favorites list for sure, and it just goes to show why SuperGreenX is my favorite remixer on this site.

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