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  1. Listening to the long version now... This is like candy for my ears. Wow. Um, calm down. He may have been a little sarcastic but he wasn't flaming you. Since I only lurk here I don't know how bad the flaming can get, but compared to where I usually post (somethingawful.com) that doesn't even barely qualify as a flame. It's not the end of the world here. Have a little respect for yourself. I actually agree with your opinion somewhat, although on a more specific scale - I think most techno sounds exactly the same, especially trance. Note "most" - this one is one of the few that I absolutely love. Although I'm not saying trance or techno is bad, just that there's a lot of crap out there. Anyway, I think I'll load up my "SGX-only" playlist for a while. Whee.
  2. Oh great, I have a NEW favorite song. You rock, SuperGreenX. Seriously, I'm really shocked and amazed at how he actually took a game with a very minimalistic soundtrack and turned it into an absolutely awesome trace tune - and I usually hate trance. This one's on my favorites list for sure, and it just goes to show why SuperGreenX is my favorite remixer on this site.
  3. I have chills. I'm just sitting here listening to this song over and over again. Masterful work.
  4. YES! Finally someone remixes the greatest track ever in any Zelda, and more than that, comes up with one of the best remixes I've heard. This one is amazing, Disco Dan.
  5. YES, finally, a Corneria remix. The music from that first stage of Starfox has long been one of my favorite game tracks. This is damn good, although I really want to see what someone could do with a rock/electronic version of the same song. This one has a permanant place on my playlist nonetheless.
  6. Wow. This one's in my "favorite" folder for sure. Masterful and stylish.
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