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  1. Simple question, I've been trying to recreate the sound Nightmare makes when he appears in Metroid Fusion. I've gotten close by FM'ing a square wave with a sine wave but it just doesn't sound right. Perhaps one of you have come across this sound in your various endeavors in creating sounds?
  2. I appreciate you giving me some help. I really do, But the link you gave was for "Tallon IV Rave Organ." I was looking at the bell sound used in the time-stamp I gave in the video. Another place the bell is used is at 0:59 to 1:01 in the same song (https://youtu.be/6DCcCBOmOo0?t=58). It rings three times. Again, I thank you a lot for your help and your work won't go unused I assure you. However it wasn't exactly what I was asking fer. If I'm am still unclear on the sound I'm hearing let me know and I'll clarify some more.
  3. Hello, I am creating my very first song. It's a remix of Chozo ruins with some Nightmare thrown in there. I was thinking of putting the "Metroid Prime Bell" As I like to call it, into the song. The sound I'm talking about can be prominently heard at the beginning of the Parasite queen boss battle at 0:07 to 0:08.https://youtu.be/6DCcCBOmOo0?t=6. This sound really interests me as I remember it being used in other prime tracks. I think the bell would fit my remix rather well but I have had trouble reverse engineering it. I do know the basics of synthesis but I haven't been making music as l
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