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  1. Hey Meteo Xavier thanks for your quick reply! Oh boy, now that I've actually slept and reread that passage again that sounds pretty harsh! I just wanted to say I will collect interested artists' contacts and take a first look at some of their work during this time period. I don't want to have finished work in just 2 weeks that's insane! I will rewrite that passage right after this post! You're absolutely right and I'm sorry for sounding so demanding! Well, Thank you again for replying to my unfortunatetly worded requests! I will edit my post now!
  2. Hello, I'm in dire need of a composer/musician, who wants to make music and sound effects for a project I will describe below. Since this is a hobby project I won't get any money for, neither will you, sorry! Okay, you're still reading, that's good Let me tell you about my project and the general style I have in mind for it's audio: The Box Theory Project's Deviantart Page The Box Theory is a semi autobiographic Webcomic series that sometimes features little shorts as episodes. It's about the life of a design student in a pixelart styled parallel world of our o
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