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    Music listening, intense sports, cinematic audio composition/production, guitar, bass, playing high energy music in a band setting, martial arts, meditation.

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    I've been writing music since middle school, but I didn't start doing something with them until I got out of high school. I've now got a small EP out of some songs I wrote way back, and I'm working on another. Music is at my core, it's something that I've always had in my life since the day I discovered how sweet it could be. I'm always listening to music, and there is no feeling quite like the feeling of turning your emotions into an actual musical composition and seeing it to completion.

    The reason I came to OCremix [I have been here many times as a listener] is because one of the greatest joys of my younger life was the immense emotion I would feel when an amazing musical composition would be played at the perfect moment of on-screen magic in film or in video games. There would be times when I was moved to tears, and there would be times would I would feel the rage portrayed by a character. To me, those moments are special. The stories, the characters, and of course the music were things that shaped me and still do. And to anybody that thinks that's lame, I question whether you have any depth of emotion.

    In short, I now aim to capture those emotion-stirring notes and compositions, so that I may make my own symphonies in whole or in part; And perhaps I will one day be the conductor of a fine tale of justice.
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    Komplete 9
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    Acoustic Guitar
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    Low voice, backup vocals

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  1. This is a smashing song, and quite unexpected. I -barely- remember this song... But I'm glad you liked the song so much and did this remix, because it's really really great. It's a different take song on the song, but yet I feel it still evoking the same memories I had when I played this gem of a game. Great job, and nice style. :]
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