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  1. I like the chill, ominousish feeling you have going on. The chord changes you made were thoughtful, and I think the in-game sounds were used creatively. My main critique would be that it sounds too heavy and a bit repetitive; I realize that you are working with a limited source. I personally would have left the drill sounds out; but that might just be me.

    One of the main problems the judges seemed to have was the lead synths needing to be less plain. I think you could still improve this, maybe adding vibrato or something. I seem to have the same problem a lot actually.

    Anyway I do like it so far. Good luck!

  2. In Skyward Sword we are given the option to change Link's name, just like before. I assume it will be the same here....

    I'm super curious about the soundtrack. They didn't talk about it much during E3 and it didn't have a huge presence in the demos. I heard Koji Kondo isn't currently working on it, which makes me wonder what they have planned. Anyway I'm super hyped for December 20th =D

  3. Hey there Bren! 

    I agree that a PC could do anything a Mac could with proper components, but I still use a mac. Probably because I've never gone to the trouble of actually trying to build a good PC =P

    I've also noticed iMovie acting up on me recently, although Logic is working good as ever =]

  4. Hallo!

    I just finished putting together an amateur composing competition website, and I'd be super flattered if you guys came and checked it out.

    Music Battle

    It's open to everyone, so feel free to vote, or even enter a contest if you want.

    Thanks for reading, I guess that's enough plugging for now :3