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  1. https://soundcloud.com/sawneek/aria-eclipsis-battle-theme Hello! this is a battle theme I've made for a videogame...if anyone want to use it please contact me by PM!
  2. Sorry about that mix errors. I'm new in this, I started 1 year ago, but I think I've learned a lot of things despite being short time. I've bought a studio monitors (headphones) a month ago and that has help me a lot to notice mix errors and things like that. Thanks, I will take into account your advice for next time ><
  3. The only thing that I've sidechained is the saw chords.
  4. A few months ago, I've made a Ice Cap Zone remix from Sonic The Hedgehog 3, and I've posted that remix here, but... THERE ARE A LOT OF ERRORS ON THAT REMIX!!! So, I've created a new mix and this is so much better, I've learned a loooooot of things in this time Enjoy Original track:
  5. Hello! please listen to some tracks i've made for a RPG game Eureka Academy Crystal Byakko Lake A music for a snow part Night sky for some areas Boss battle theme Worldmap Some of these tracks are beta, in the game I will edit and remix some of these.
  6. Hello! I'm a new ''producer'' and i've made a Sonic remix This. I hope you like it!!
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