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  1. The ones I remember off the top of my head are FL studio, Sonar , and something from sony? there where a few others but it's been a while. I haven't heard of Cubase however , nor tried Reason yet. I will certainly look into them both. As for hardware I have a Yamaha MX49 that's just kind of sitting around, I never could get logic to recognize it as a controller. ( I also have Komplete 9 so I do have things to work with as long as the program is compatible.)
  2. Hey folks, I'm in a bit of a pickle and I was hoping for some advice? I'm an aspiring composer/re-mixer Still in the early stages of learning my way around things. For a good 2 years I was working on a macbook with Logic pro 8, about a year ago however said macbook decided to explode a little. I have another computer but its a windows 7 machine, and I've been struggling to find a program to replace Logic. I really liked how simple it was, it felt like all the features and menus flowed in the same place with easy access to anything I needed. That may just be because I was comfortable with the program, but I've yet to find anything on windows that felt the same way ( or weren't terrifyingly complex.) So would anyone happen to have some recommendations for me? I realize there are a few different threads on this forum addressing different programs and their features, but I've not seen anything addressing it from this angle. I do apologize if there is such a thread and I'm double posting however!
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