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  1. Hello,

    I want to give you my opinion on your track.

    first, the guitar part starts to get really dissonant around 0:55. Is this the converters fault/ done on purpose/ ...?

    There is an nice change of general mood around 1:12, but the voice beginning at 1:16 (is it a flute or a distorted guitar?) again does not fit quite well in my opinion. But the other guitar samples are quite catchy.

    The brass coming in at around 1:34 also uses dissonances sometimes, but in my opinion, they fit much better here. I liked this part a lot!

    One last point: in my opinion, this track is not aggressive enough for being a boss track. Can you link the original source or your original MIDI ?

  2. it is really cool how you managed to combine a standard 4 beat with the original drums by dave wise. this makes your mix very intense together with the bass.

    one thing to critisize: the arrangement is quite repetitive (quite common disease when coping with lockjaws saga, though...). try some other phrases (original ones written by you, e.g. a square lead or analogon solo, to break up the repetitive atmosphere). you can also consider to put the melody on hold and repeat the intro (0:00 - about 0:37 as I assume).

    also consider a key change (did you leave it in c minor?)

    i really enjoyed listening to another good lockjaws saga version. this is one of my personal favourites from the dkc2 album.

  3. Hi everyone, this is my first own finished electronic music track on LMMS. I created it as soundtrack for the game I am currently developing (also my first one actually).

    I hope you like it !

    All sorts of feedback are appreciated and don't forget to enjoy the music! ;)



  4. On 8.6.2016 at 6:32 PM, Skrypnyk said:

     The fade out ending is weak.

    I agree with Skrypnyk, I think ending the piece with a fade-out of the double g (your version is in A minor?) at around 4:35 would be a better option, otherwise the ending takes out the entire suspense (not that Stickerbrush would have much of this, though... :))

    By the way, I really liked the drums.

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