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  1. oh by the way which software / converter did you use for creating this?
  2. Hello, I want to give you my opinion on your track. first, the guitar part starts to get really dissonant around 0:55. Is this the converters fault/ done on purpose/ ...? There is an nice change of general mood around 1:12, but the voice beginning at 1:16 (is it a flute or a distorted guitar?) again does not fit quite well in my opinion. But the other guitar samples are quite catchy. The brass coming in at around 1:34 also uses dissonances sometimes, but in my opinion, they fit much better here. I liked this part a lot! One last point: in my opinion, this track is not
  3. it starts to get a little muddy around 0:16... too many high voices in my opinion. what are you doing there?
  4. it is really cool how you managed to combine a standard 4 beat with the original drums by dave wise. this makes your mix very intense together with the bass. one thing to critisize: the arrangement is quite repetitive (quite common disease when coping with lockjaws saga, though...). try some other phrases (original ones written by you, e.g. a square lead or analogon solo, to break up the repetitive atmosphere). you can also consider to put the melody on hold and repeat the intro (0:00 - about 0:37 as I assume). also consider a key change (did you leave it in c minor?) i really e
  5. Hi everyone, this is my first own finished electronic music track on LMMS. I created it as soundtrack for the game I am currently developing (also my first one actually). I hope you like it ! All sorts of feedback are appreciated and don't forget to enjoy the music!
  6. I agree with Skrypnyk, I think ending the piece with a fade-out of the double g (your version is in A minor?) at around 4:35 would be a better option, otherwise the ending takes out the entire suspense (not that Stickerbrush would have much of this, though... :)) By the way, I really liked the drums.
  7. Hi, this is my take on Cave Dweller Concert by David Wise which I created in the last few months. I am quite satisfied with how this mix finally turned out. What do you think about source arrangement/instrumentation and original writing? Also feel free to tell me anything else that strikes you about it. All sorts of feedback are welcome! Thank you!
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