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    Keypat reborn is a musical project that's about composing music while using different musical influences, music is how I express my feelings and myself.
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  1. This is song from newest EP, called ''the white shadow'' this is the second track I hope you guys take a listen and tell me what do you think of it. I hope you enjoy my track, thanks. Keypat Reborn
  2. Thank you so much sir!!! I'm glad you liked my remix, I'm inspired by genres from the eighties and nineties like synthpop, synthwave and eurobeat. I also like to play a little with the tempo, syncopations and back beat in my music. (Sorry for my english. Isn't my native language).
  3. Sorry for the late response, your feedback was very informative as well, thank you so much for taking the time to do it, thanks again
  4. thank you, it was very nice of you and that litmus test is very helpful, it actually blew my mind what you said, Im gonna put it into practice
  5. Thank you for you input, You won't believe in what kind of pc I made thse tracks, Its a really humble PC, anyway, I wanna ask you to be more specifiv In what kind of sound design you find more ''dynamic'' cause I don't get what you mean by ''plain sound'' it would be really nice to get into specifics, It would be ver awesome, to have that kind of imput, sorry if Im asking much, Im really new to all this, only been making track for 2 years in my home. @Rozovian can you give me some critique too, thank you. thanks to everyone who responded, this is helping a lot. sorry for my english
  6. I hope everyone that listened had a good time
  7. wow the feedback was even better than I expected, I really apreciate this, this song is my first videogame remix so I really wanted some good criticism from people that appareciate video game's music a lot, my boyfriend suggested this site and I even uploaded the song to be judged ,I followed the standard application and email but its been nearly 2 months and they haven't answered yet, so I submited here to have some feedback from the guys on the forum, my machine is very humble so I'm limited so some vst, I used sytrus vst for most of this song, I hope you enjoyed the song and sorry my english, it's not my my language I'm even using my boyfriend as a translator lol. thanks again @The Nikanoru @timaeus222
  8. any feedback guys? I would appreciated a lot.
  9. Hello castlevania fans. I made a remix of bloody tears using my own set of pop and thecno influences (celldewller, lady gaga,jordan rudess, etc) and my own sound. I hope you love it. Original
  10. Thank you for listening, I really aprecciated it, this song is gonna be used in a mobile cars game in the style of initial D
  11. I created this track some months ago, since I played DDR back in the day I fell in love with this kind of music, hope you enjoy it.