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  1. Touche, lol. I didn't even think about that, well I did say IF I was correct. Both theories are plausible though IMO. Thanks for clearing it up though, cheers.
  2. Ditto! I was trying to read that as well and got off with exact same info! I thought that was pretty cool, but I was half expecting to see like the GameFAQs page for the game to be on the screen, lol. About PH being in the movie though I don't think its totally out of place and useless. If you really think about it PH is supposed to be an executioner of sorts in the general sense of the way in the game(hence the "executioner" type mask thing on his head) so it would be plausible to have him in the movie as Alessa's executioner of revenge. I don't think I'm too far off as this was a pretty large point in the game itself if I'm correct. My sentiments exactly. Most critics also have no or close to no knowledge of the source material.
  3. Hmm, there are some very queer opinions about the movie here, lol. I definitely left the theater quite overjoyed to be honest. After seeing all the bullshit remakes, not to mention the whole Uwe Boll thing movieland has going, I feel that this is as close as to a near perfect VG to film conversion as we get. Don't get me wrong I actually liked RE and RE:A and don't let that be an indication for you to go "ZOMG n00b, the RE movies sucked" I enjoy movies genuinely without retarded dissection of every single angle of every single corner and I enjoyed the hell out of Silent Hill. I think that they just took a whole bunch of important concepts from the series and just applied it to an alternate universe SH storyline, which I think means that there's no room for a direct game to movie conversion only more of the same use of concepts from the games to make something similar. I think that they did this brilliantly because I was overjoyed to see and hear many things that I'm familiar with from the games in the movie. You can't say that with any other VG movies which already puts SH in front. Also about the direct use of Yamaoka's pieces I think its much better to hear the same thing we've been hearing for years in the movie than listening to some half-assed, lazy, boring, and cliched-to-hell film score, I was actually surprised to hear familiar music, it sorta made me feel I was actually watching a SILENT HILL VIDEO GAME MOVIE which is what we want in the first place a goddamn VIDEO GAME MOVIE or else no one would be bitching about how badly any other VG movie sucked. I actually predicted that the credits would have "You're Not Here" right before the ending, I was just waiting for the beginning to start up, when I heard the first few notes I just screamed "FUCK YES!" to the surprise of those around me. It almost made a single tear come out of my eye as I sat there and sang along. Bottom line, you can sit there and nitpick or "analyze" the story/plot/dialogue/acting/music/whatthefuckever all you want but you can't change the fact that this was pretty damn close to portraying Silent Hill in film form and hell that's good enough for me.
  4. Oh man, this sounds like it could be total pwnage. Especially cause Taucer's in, you're pretty kickass bro. Good luck to all the remixers! Can't wait to hear this!
  5. Shael, you sound mad street thug like wanting to punch everybody in the face and all that. Where in New York are you from? Cause you definitely sound like you're from the streets, rep homie. Good luck to all you remixers, you guys are all seriously awesome for attempting this project. Can't wait to listen to the final results!
  6. Wow, that's some sweet tunage Mythril Nazgul, as always. It's times like these I wish I had some musical talent to be able to create some form of remix but alas, I am teh suck. However this is looking to be a really awesome project and I wish all the remixers luck and I thank Shael for thinking up such a kickass idea. Best of luck to you all.
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