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    I think my music is boring

    Thank you. I will keep it in mind :).
  2. CubicHero

    I think my music is boring

    Thank you both for your answers. AngelCityOutlaw, I understand that I have many things to learn to make my music sound at least close to "good". To be honest I started to learn music theory only some time ago. In that case I would like to ask you, would you recommend any sources where to learn about all that stuff? I know it would be the best to learn from a teacher, but unfortunately I don't have money to do so.
  3. For about a year I compose music so I'm still a beginner. The thing is, I think that everything I create is really boring. Like... super boring. On the other hand, my friend thinks my music is quite nice. Of course we all know it is the best to give your creations to strangers so here I am. Link goes to soundcloud to my account where I uploaded two tracks. One is a music piece that my friend really likes and the other one is just piano piece I made recently. I just simply wanna ask you what you think. Do you think it sounds nice or rather is really bad?