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  1. Hello there. I recently purchased FL Studio 12 Producer edition, and a Razer Seiren Elite (USB) for vocal recordings. It seems whenever I'm recording in FL Studios program, my audio recordings sound like I'm straight up to the microphone screaming at it. I hear loud spots of interference and what sounds like vibrating... NOW... I have a studio-swivel stand, with a shock-mount attached plus a good pop-filter. I thought having these add-ons would help stop that noise. I make sure to stand a good distance from the microphone as well (but not too much where its all echoes). Furthermore, when I make my recordings on the program the only way I can get past, it seems- is if I have my gain/volume on the device next to nothing... It's extremely hard to hear me and the instruments or track practically override it. Basically I'm thinking maybe I have something wrong in my SETTINGS for the program. I made sure my audio input is Razer ASIO (x64).. yes, I installed the latest ASIO driver. It is set to 24-bit in the settings (I've also tried 16-bit) and my frequencies are at the relatively low 480000 Hz (however I've tried 440000 Hz as well). With my gain/volume at such a low level on the microphone it can be hard to hear me and it results in lessened quality. I can't use FL Studio plug-ins to increase it or mix it better cause it just sounds terrible due to my low settings. Also on a program that came with my microphone (called Razer Synapse) I made sure everything was in alignment with my settings on FL Studios. Would you say this is a hardware issue, or is there something else I could try via settings on the FL Studio software. Please help, I've invested alot of money on all this music stuff lately. Thanks in advance Here is a quick example of what it sounds like when I try to record... and the volume/gain levels here are still very low. About less then a quarter up... -Mark