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    Missing ReMix from Torrent?

    That indeed worked, it should make things much easier thanks!
  2. Fingolfin

    Missing ReMix from Torrent?

    Ah, well I always download the 3001+ torrent but I don't believe I have re-updated with the 1 to 3000. I'll give that a shot, thanks!
  3. Fingolfin

    Missing ReMix from Torrent?

    Thank you for the explanation. I guess it'll be a lot of work to merge all the album exclusives with the individual tracks without any duplicate but at least you gave me a pretty good idea on how to proceed. I've checked the Original Album tag (or ORIGALBUM) but it seems to contain the Game name not the album (e.g. it will say Mega Man X4 not Maverick Rising) but by playing with the tags I figured that all album tracks "Comment" tag starts with a URL to the album page so I will be able to filter on that. Thanks for the help!
  4. Fingolfin

    Missing ReMix from Torrent?

    Hello everyone! So I've been lurking here on and off for a long time (10 years?), downloading some songs and albums now and then. A while ago I noticed that there is now an awesome Complete Collection torrent, so I downloaded that and started slowly but surely going through the whole package, updating it from time to time. I'm almost done filtering and rating the complete collection now, only 200-300 or so songs remaining. But I just noticed something that scared me a little bit. One of my favorite ReMix is missing, 10 Minutes of Hypothermia from Metal Man on the album Maverick Rising. The ReMix is no longer listed on OCR at all even though I could swear it was before. At first I though "Ah, maybe the collection contains only stand alone ReMixes" but nope, some of the other songs on the album are there and some other are missing. So could someone help understand what's the pattern? Why are some songs on the site itself while other are only on the album? Is it simply up to the artist? I'd very much like to have the complete collection, now that I know that one of my favorite ReMix is missing I'm wondering what else I might have missed, is there an easy way to know which songs are not on the site other than download all the albums and checking every songs 1 by 1? I suppose it's a bit of a silly question but I'm curious about the work behind the curtain. Thanks!