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  1. Hi everyone! I'm new in the forum, so, I'm sorry about anything I do wrong in first place! My question goes about Axiom 61 1st gen, I've seen another topic about it, but since I tried the solutions that where there with no result (and my problem is a little different), I decided to start a new topic. I'm having latency troubles with the midi controller, and really, I tried everything I saw on internet and talking with friends, but the problem is that when I first set the midi controller it works with an ok latency, and by that I mean that I can play along with a metronome, for example, but after a while (and it's a little while actually), it starts to increase the latency, and it really pisses me off ! I don't know if with that alone someone can give me a hint, anyway, I'll give some info about my computer set: My computer has an i7 intel, 8 GB of RAM and 1TB of HD; My audio interface is a Scarlett 6i6 from Focusrite; My software is an Windows 10 Some additional info: when I set to record on Ableton, the latency happens faster than if I use, for example, Finale (only to play along), and also, if I'm not using internet browser or with other stuff opened, so I think this means it might have something to do with RAM maybe? But actually I'm clueless. I already tried ASIO4ALL, tried to change the hardware settings (buffer and frequency) of the Scarlett, tried to change the latency in my DAW and nothing happens, really, nothing changes. I also tried connecting with a MIDI cable but it's still the same, and another thing, the light that indicates the reception of signal in the DAW follows me playing but the sound only goes out later, kinda like a lightning/thunder thing. I was thinking, maybe, since it's a 1st gen midi controller it could happen to not be compatible to win 10, and I searched in m-audio website for the software but it only has the 2nd gen, I don't know if it really means that it's incompatible or that I could use the 2nd gen software (I tried that btw, and nothing happens) instead of the 1st gen software. Anyway, I'm just trying to run out of options before trying to use win 7 because only to think about backing up my computer stuff, uninstalling 10 and installing 7 makes me lazy. Best regards,