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  1. So lately I played Night in the woods and I really like this piece of music from ost. But I wonder what kind of instrument is playing in the background at a given moment. Is it just pad? Or maybe it is some choir with effects? I'm not an expert so I do not know. Thanks in advance if someone knows.
  2. Hi. Lately I finally decided to go into some specific electronic music and I decided it would be future bass. But the thing is, I don't really know what is the structure of this genre. I mean, I know general info. I know that I should use inverted 7th chords and so on, but tbh I don't really know how basic drums lines should look like, or what sound waves use for those characteristic bass sounds and so on, so I hope someone can help me in this matter :). TL;DR - I'm super noob in typical electronic music, I wanna ask about structure of future bass.
  3. I understand what you mean by "more human". This is the problem with music made on pc. It lacks that feeling, but I guess it is possible to make it more human, I'm just not exactly there yet.
  4. Well, thank you. I'm glad you liked it : ).
  5. Hello. I have been creating music for some time, but to be honest I'm still a newbie. Anyway, this is my first piece of music that sounds actually decent, so I would be glad if you listened to it, and told me what you think about it : ).
  6. Hello. Some time ago I started to try to make my own music. Mostly piano pieces, but of course, music is not only about piano. I wanted to try to make music pieces with more instruments included, so I would like to ask how do I end parts when new instruments finish, so it sounds ok(like... not weird). What I mean is, let's say I make intro on piano, and then I wanna add bass and let's say, change instrument that plays a lead. It starts, plays its part and then stops and let's say piano starts to play again. The main question is - should I just use cadence to end the part of previous instrument or do something else?
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