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  1. TRACKLIST: ································ 01. Dubriders - Soul (Original Mix) 02. Dubriders - Waves (Original Mix) 03. Dubriders - Soul (Radio Mix) LISTEN / DOWNLOAD: ································ ► http://www.downtech.net/2017/09/DT029.html FEEDBACKS: ································ Makoki Funk: "Favorite Track: Soul (Original Mix) I like first track , for my sets its cool ... Play in beach clubs and Lounge Restaurants...." Keener: "Great release and Amazing tracks... Full support" AVAILABLE ON: ································ ► iTunes:
  2. TRACKLIST: ································ 01. Simply N Feat. Circle Dubs - Moon (Original Mix) 02. Simply N Feat. Circle Dubs - Moon (Extended Mix) 03. Simply N - Gold Gods (Original Mix) LISTEN / DOWNLOAD: ································ ► http://www.downtech.net/2017/09/DT028.html FEEDBACKS: ································ Ferry Corsten: "Favorite Track: Moon (feat. Circle Dubs) Thanks for sending, we've downloaded it" Alex Jenkins: "This song is so chill and yet so awesome! really enjoyed listening to it from start to finish!" Valentino Guerrier:
  3. TRACKLIST: ································ 01. Rubber Legz - Dream Life (Original Mix) 02. Rubber Legz - LAX_LHR (Original Mix) LISTEN / DOWNLOAD: ································ ► http://www.downtech.net/2017/09/DT027.html FEEDBACKS: ································ Ferry Corsten: "Favorite Track "Dream Life" Thanks for sending, we've downloaded it " Paul Neumann: "Cool deep house track, got some very nice vibes!" Kevin Noon: "I really like rhythms ! I love this genre and I think it sounds great! all right hehe! keep it up ! dance many people with y
  4. TRACKLIST: ································ 01. AdbeatS - Shifts (Original Mix) 02. AdbeatS - Mirage (Original Mix) LISTEN / DOWNLOAD: ································ ► http://www.downtech.net/2017/09/DT026.html FEEDBACKS: ································ Ferry Corsten: "Favorite Track "Shifts" Thanks for sending, we've downloaded it" BlizzyBlaze: "The beat really creates deep and wide sonic scape. Vocal is processed very well and sits nicely in the mix. Nice work on this remix" FlexKartel: "Beat is banging bro. This is what creativity sounds like. th
  5. TRACKLIST: ································ 01. Tekoff - Serial Dreamer (Original Mix) 02. Johnny Peraza - Soul (Original Mix) 03. Mortadelo - Drug Dealer (Original Mix) 04. Dj Hippy - The Pulse (Original Mix) 05. Noize Makerz - Wild (Maximinus Remix) 06. Minitronik - Drunken Bell (Original Mix) 07. Maximinus - Red Love (Original Mix) 08. Davhelos - The Nurse (Original Mix) 09. Dani DL - Mr TooL (Original Mix) 10. Maximinus - Za Partijanere (Original Mix) LISTEN / DOWNLOAD: ································ ► http://www.downtech.net/2017/09/DT025.html
  6. TRACKLIST: ································ 01. The Clone Dj - Deep Is My House (Original Mix) 02. The Clone Dj - Deep Sea (Original Mix) 02. The Clone Dj - I Don't Know (Original Mix) LISTEN / DOWNLOAD: ································ ► http://www.downtech.net/2017/09/DT024.html Downtech Music is a Deep House, Techno and Tech House Label, created in 2010 with releases of other styles like; Electro, Minimal and Tropical House... Electronic music online. International DJ agency, club events... In our web you can buy and download music in mp3, wav and fre
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