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  1. I find the rapping in the remix is a bit like Limp Bizkits :P and I seen these Limp Bizkits haters dissing them proll cuzs they dont like dont like rap with rock.

    Anyways the remix.

    The Intro is too long man, I was waiting for 1 min just to the main rapping to come in! when is it going to end!?

    Bass would be nice maybe...

    Rapping is really more like Limp Bizkits than Eminem (Eminem really takes the piss remember) But the "one life" bit I like, it's sounds it just goes with the part.

    Overall, this one is not as fat as Eres Des Points, but I rate you for getting closer to emu the pro's rapper go there.

    Keep up the nice work! :nicework:

  2. This song was well made into this slow late night jazz/trip-hop mix.

    It's very funny to hear slow hoppish beat flows with the jazzy backing and how everything comes in and out (the dueling vocal riffs... Woo :D ..) It reminds me of those music used in some 90's ads in the UK.

    I dig the way this is put togeter, the song/vocal is used to give the feeling floating in the sky on top of the smooth flow which uses deep sounds to make the song/vocal seem all that much in the clouds.

    So close your eyes and let the song take ya to the skys to look at the stars up there:D.

    edit: I hadn't heard of portishead, so yeah I what to check out thier song out now!

    As with some BenCousins remix, I would like someone to try to rap to that beat :P

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