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  1. Thank you, Pill!

    I chose the classic "short and sweet" philosophy instead of trying to expand extensively because I though it would end up either making the piece too repetitive or creating so much new content it would loose its essence, and of course that would break the immersion I was going for. Its length also helps with the whole "loopable" idea, which could be really well implemented in game, but it's a different matter completely when you position it in a music track.

    About the instruments used... well, I tried to make the song eerie and lonely, but also melancholic, which I hope to have accomplished with Gundyr's leitmotivs being played by the music box and the glockenspiel and accompanied by the sad viola and some piano disharmony. Ah, I also played with expectations in what regards to some fragments of the song, fact you can hear listening intently to the glockenspiel.

    I'm happy you liked the piece. Thank you for listening, and reading this, as well. Have a good day, mate.


  2. Hello, OC ReMix. So, here's my first contribution: an ambient arrangement I've made a little while ago. I'm not sure if I will try to submit it or anything, but your opinions are greatly appreciated, for I am still learning, after all. As for more info on the piece per se, it's based on Iudex Gundyr, from the Dark Souls 3's Original Soundtrack, and I made it with the mindset of it being played in the background while you explore the Untended Graves before testing your meddle against Champion Gundyr.

    I hope you like it.



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