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  1. Thank you, Pill! I chose the classic "short and sweet" philosophy instead of trying to expand extensively because I though it would end up either making the piece too repetitive or creating so much new content it would loose its essence, and of course that would break the immersion I was going for. Its length also helps with the whole "loopable" idea, which could be really well implemented in game, but it's a different matter completely when you position it in a music track. About the instruments used... well, I tried to make the song eerie and lonely, but also melancholic, which I h
  2. Hello, OC ReMix. So, here's my first contribution: an ambient arrangement I've made a little while ago. I'm not sure if I will try to submit it or anything, but your opinions are greatly appreciated, for I am still learning, after all. As for more info on the piece per se, it's based on Iudex Gundyr, from the Dark Souls 3's Original Soundtrack, and I made it with the mindset of it being played in the background while you explore the Untended Graves before testing your meddle against Champion Gundyr. I hope you like it.
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