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  1. I just got an idea! Okay, so I love bass. Love it. Like "turn up the volume and your headphones start shaking your brain in time with the beat" kind of bass. I ALSO love "Crystal Palace Crawl", which is obviously like, the opposite of bass. So I was thinking, would it be possible to fuse the two? I'm not musically talented in any way, so I don't know if that would be doable without sounding completely out of whack. Let me know what you think!
  2. That's awesome!! You seriously just made my day. These are two of my favorites as well, so a kickass remix would be fantastic!
  3. Holy crap, seriously!? That is amazing! I definitely wasn't expecting a reply this awesome, this fast. I'm totally stoked, and I can't wait to hear this. Thank you so much! You, good sir, are my hero. <3
  4. These are without a doubt, my favorite games of all time, all with wonderful soundtracks, and I have to say I'm surprised there was so little content for them! I would love to hear them remastered by some of the amazing talent found here. I know specificity is preferred in these posts, but there's no way I could pick just a few tracks from these games. My only musical-style note would be preferably no metal, but hey, you do you. I know this obviously isn't a quick and easy overnight thing, but I'm crossing my fingers and looking forward to some bomb remixes!
  5. I very much second this! All the music from Stardew Valley would be awesome to hear remastered.
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