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    I love making beats, I use fruity loops studio to do my sampling and my beat making,then my beat making grew to making video game instrumentals for rappers/emcees to rap to.

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    Michael Collazo (born on April 3rd 1986) professionally known as M!ke Doughboy (also known as Big Mike and Doughboy) is an American beat maker, songwriter and aspiring record producer from Virginia.
    Michael Collazo was born on April 3rd 1986 in Puerto Rico. At age 3 his family moved to the United States in Brooklyn, New York by way of Ridgewood. When Michael was in 3rd grade his family moved away from the depths of Brooklyn to live in nearby suburban area Long Island in a town called Brentwood. It was here where Michael was introduced to many things in his life including the influence of hip hop music and rap culture. Michael started listening to hip hop/rap music exclusively, by 7th grade he had already owned many rap albums which he listened to religiously. That’s also when a childhood friend (Anthony Morales, aka ConHo) introduced Michael to writing rhymes and also to freestyle rapping. It didn't take Michael too long to evolve his creative interests from writing on paper to recording on the mic, he started recording his earliest work using the DAW named Cool Edit PRO 2.0. Michael attended (then known as) Brentwood Sonderling High School from years 00-03, it was in this time when Michael had already been recording, editing, and writing his own music for himself. Michael wanted to be a professional rapper, and wanted to learn badly how to create his own instrumentals, so when was first introduced to the DAW Fruity Loops it only seemed naturally fit that he would take such a strong interest in beat making.
    Michael is NOT a professional instrumentalist nor is he a special trained musician. Michael has never been to school for audio engineering, music production, mixing and mastering or for music business. Michael is a go getter, hustle and grind aspiring record producer from Virginia who has self taught himself everything his whole music career.
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    Michael Collazo
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    Wireless Communications
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    Sylenth1, 3xosc, maximus, parametric eq2, reverb send, waveshaper, sytrus, wasp
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  1. whats up! i like video game music, more of a hip hop and trap fan but i love all video game music remix styles! i dont claim to be a pro, i just want to show my skills and hopefully find my place in the VGM community..pz