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  1. Yeah. I finally did it. But now Meta-Ridley is killing me. Over and over.... I've figured it out, I just have to survive the charges long enough to end him.

    First Omega Pirate now Meta Ridley?

    Omega Pirate was kind of hard... but super missles rape the shit out of him

    as For Meta Ridley.. i had no problem.. then again i also had 1599 health when i fought him.... but still.. i only lost about 200 not even

  2. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    the omega pirate on metroid prime was hard

    until somehow i came back and whipped the shit out of him having him only 4 energy tanks destroyed


    maybe the last form of wizpig on diddey kong racing

    but that game kind of sucked so i hardly even tried

    i didn think Omega Pirate was all that hard :)

    i killed him in less than 5 minutes

    as for Ganon's first for in Zelda.. :roll: sheesh.. so simple

    i beat that game (without dying) with only 3 hearts.. didnt even get the defense upgrade... on hit from a couple of things would have killed me :)

    that has to be the easiest (but funnest) game ever

  3. I have a playlist with all of the Overclocked remixes on my hard drive and I leave it on Shuffle. Whenever it skips to this song and I hear those retarded...Whatever they are...I just change the song. I don't think I have heard past those retarded things more than once, so I can't say whether I like the rest of the song...But for any of you who like it, I am sure you are




    I'm sure.

    that just about sums it up..

  4. Xan on GodLike in Unreal Tournament.. that AI is just Superb

    it was hard enough getting to Xan on Godlike.. nevermind fighting him

    Xaeros on Nightmare in Quake III

    he had to have had 666% accuracy with the Rail Gun.. it was ridiculous

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