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  1. like all Nintendo music does to me im instilled with a great feeling of Nostalgia sigh.. i love OCR
  2. listening to this song gives a SUPER NOSTALGIC feeling makes me all dreamy and happy...
  3. First Omega Pirate now Meta Ridley? Omega Pirate was kind of hard... but super missles rape the shit out of him as For Meta Ridley.. i had no problem.. then again i also had 1599 health when i fought him.... but still.. i only lost about 200 not even
  4. i didn think Omega Pirate was all that hard i killed him in less than 5 minutes as for Ganon's first for in Zelda.. sheesh.. so simple i beat that game (without dying) with only 3 hearts.. didnt even get the defense upgrade... on hit from a couple of things would have killed me that has to be the easiest (but funnest) game ever
  5. this is an awesome piece im not much of a jazz fan.. but yeah.. this is the shit! plus the temple theme is one of my all time fav nintendo songs im working on a remix of it myself!
  6. in my opinion.. the megaman 3 intro is one of the all time greatest theme songs ever its right up there with the metroid music and the zelda music so i will listen but not critisize i dont wanna make the artist cry now do i?
  7. i liked this.. it was creepy in a way but it just kind of seemed more like the Alien scene from Majora's Mask to me.. more suitable there..
  8. Xan on GodLike in Unreal Tournament.. that AI is just Superb it was hard enough getting to Xan on Godlike.. nevermind fighting him Xaeros on Nightmare in Quake III he had to have had 666% accuracy with the Rail Gun.. it was ridiculous
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