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  1. Yeah thanks heaps! I honestly really want to make electronic music but i want the freedom to be able to experiment and mix my instrumentals and electo together, And not having to use 3 different types of programs would be a plus too. Thanks heaps ill check reaper out
  2. Heya ill start off by saying ive never really produced my own music before and im not entirly sure what to do or technical terms and all, But im extreamly interested to learn and wanted to ask about fl studio as im considering saving up to buy the producer edition. is fl studio a good all rounder for recording and mixing as well as making electonic music? Definatly wanna experiment heaps and try my hand at trap, phytrance etc, but i would still love to port the drumkit and guitars into the program and do some of my old hardcore tunes from my band days. Would it be worth the money? Appologies i just dont know alot about these kinds of programs but cheers for any help!
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