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  1. Hello. I'm indie solo vocalist FURAN and I focus on doing death vocals. Currently working on original death/black metal music with bands in Japan and Denmark. I am a super duper huge crazy fan of the Megaman X / Rockman X series. As in... X specifically! I have like, all the freaking games and all the damn statues and all the ffffreakin'.... MMMPPHHH!!! ...I would love to collaborate and provide vocals with people interested in remixing heavy metal versions of X's music. Original music inspired in the X series as well, whatever. If it's X, I'm in. (I'm even slipping some X inspired lyrics into one of my new singles lol, hush hush). You can check out a samples of my vocals here: https://furanmusic.bandcamp.com/album/rogue And here: https://furanmusic.bandcamp.com/album/in-order-to-rot If interested, let me know! F