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  1. HALF SOLVED So I double clicked on the track to bring it up in Kontakt and it said that the demo stopped and to activate. It's the paid version though. So I cleared it out of kontact and reloaded and it worked. Problem is all the effects I tied to it were gone. I'll be letting she people that made Shreddage know about that. Now the problem still is there that once I link the volume between 2 tracks like in the pic, I can't unlink them. Any thoughts on that?
  2. Well not exactly. Here are some more details. So with the file in my screenshot, if I add anything new to it and play the song, there is nothing and it doesn't show up in the mixer either. Also, if I restart FL studio, that doesn't help. Whats weird is that it starts to play, then after 20 repeats or so (different each time) it just suddenly stops sending to the mixer and no audio is heard. And it does it onepattern at a time with about 1 second between each one going silent. If I start a whole new project, it will play, then does it all over again with the problem. Regardless of
  3. Thank you but none of that helped. It's actually just in a piano roll using the mouse from Shreddage Drums.
  4. Yes actually I left this on my screen still open as I type this so that I can work on it to get help. But it's happened multiple times even after restarting it
  5. SOLVED Hello everyone. I'm brand new to FL studio and new to this forum, and searched a lot for the answer but can't seem to find it. I tried switching drivers but that didn't make a difference. For some reason, the tracks stopped playing and aren't showing up in the mixer as well. They were playing, then just suddenly stopped. Also, I accidentally tied track 1 and 2 together and don't know how to undo that (that was done after the audio stopped playing. It plays in the arrangement, and moves in the piano roll. But no audio to be heard, and none to be seen in the mixer. Please
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