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  1. You're right ! Composition is outstanding, but the sounds are really rough, like Roland/Korg expanders controlled through MIDI without much more. The voice samples in #2 are a bit more interesting, but I have no idea if they mean something in some language. Searching for songs with this score quality often lead to higher quality sound production, and seaching for songs with those plain Roland-ish sounds leads to generic/bad compositions... (that's what I noticed by listening to hundred of various OSTs...)
  2. That's why I thought it was more likely to be created by a professional composer. Hardware synths, good orchestration, complex chord progression while still sounding very natural (this is somewhat hard to achieve without a lot of experience). I'm pretty sure I recognize some Roland sounds in both songs. In the first : - The French Horns (has a very recognizeable tone, you can hear it easily in its plain form in some Pokemon battle songs on GBA) - The orchestral percussions (easily found by listening at the snare when it plays solo in the middle of the orchestral part at 1:18) - The typical Roland Oboe from the JV1080/JV2080 orchestral expansion => Easy comparison with this video, but there are also a lot of games using sounds from Roland units In the second: - The harp - The timpani - The very thin sounding brass (this one : https://youtu.be/N9mjzptVj44?t=16m35s ) I still hear sounds from those units nowadays but they're usually mixed with other samples from more modern gear.
  3. Heh, yes those songs are stupidly familiar and still impossible to find. Even my ex GF who watched a lot of animes was sure she already heared it "somewhere". The first recording completely sucks but the 2nd should be good enough. An interesting thing is that both songs are not looped, so they would mostly fit as an intro/cutscene/credits. And it's quite long for a videogame FMV... so maybe it doesn't even come from a game. Animes usually don't use such plain sounds from expanders (they sound like the typical Roland/Korg expanders that were overused in 1995-2005 games). As a musician, I'm pretty sure only a professionnal or a very good amateur with solid knowledge could make these.
  4. Hello, It's been 10 years since i have those files, and still nobody managed to identify them. The first song : http://fmcomposer.org/connected-1.mp3 The second song : http://fmcomposer.org/connected_2-1.mp3 I originally found them on a forum, someone posted those musics and wanted to know their origin. He only said that he extracted them from a Flash animation. Maybe they're custom songs for a project but they really sounds like a JRPG of the PS1/PS2 era. Can you help me identifying them ?
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