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  1. Hey Rozovian - I really appreciate you giving the tracks a listen! Yea, I am certainly a guitar player, not a producer. Which, it makes me really happy that you found the performances fine! I did everything on this EP, and I'm definitely trying to level up my production. Thanks for the feedback, I'll be looking particularly at drum and guitar sounds when I release something new - I have a couple irons in the fire now.
  2. Just under a year ago, I put out an EP called Elements. It is heavily inspired by video game themes, particularly the SNES-era. This community will probably quickly recognize a reference to Aquatic Ambiance and Fez's "Memory" in "Distant Shimmer." Many places in the album are various-degrees-of-obvious references to games. It's up for pay-what-you-want on BandCamp, and you can even stream the whole thing at my YouTube page. I'd love some feedback on this album. Hope you all enjoy.