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  1. Hi all I am working in this project who has his age at the moment it was released in the year 2000 under the licence GPL and as there are plenty of active players in latin america around different servers, the idea with this particular project is maintain the development open-source and respect the licence. There is plenty of original music and original fx sounds like the intro Webpage: Video of the game in action: With the current team we are focus in take back the active developing of the game, working in new features, fixing bugs, and one of the stuff we made so far was make the game in english language (not the interface yet and the graphics, we are looking for more hands into it ) I would like to invite you to join us, playing, developing or why not as a musical director and give to the game a new clean face in the sound area. If you feel like you want to be part of this please contact us in discord Thanks for reading