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  1. She returns from the great frozen tundra of the north!

    It's been a good number of years, Aurora. It's great to see you're still around. How've things been for you, and how went the studies that kept you snow bound for a while?

    As for me, I'm doing alright. Had some ups and downs, but life likes to do that to us all, doesn't it? I'm still working on the occasional remix, doing illustrative/graphic design work, trying to get a trio of novels done (very far in #2 now), 'Twas is still a thing (did #13 last year), and I'm still tinkering with sprite work. I've got a DeviantArt account now, since I got tired of my freebie site hosts going belly up on me. It doesn't have everything, but I've gotten a fair bit uploaded...

    So yeah, that a quickish summary of it all on my end. Hope to hear back from you, especially since I was just wondering a week or so ago what you were doing these days. Hope everything's going your way :)