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  1. New update sent out to the handful of people who are onboard this train.
  2. With releasing remixes or arrangements of game/movie/TV songs, you're pretty much at the mercy of whoever holds the rights to the music. Sure, you can get (or at least try to get) a license that will let you sell the covers you did. Others have done it, so it is possible and doable. But when it comes to hosting them for free on a website somewhere, it all depends on the copyright holder. On that point, OCR wasn't really cleared by anyone. If someone at Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, SEGA, or whoever wanted to, they could demand OCR take down any and all remixes of the music that company holds the rights to. It would suck, and it would be something of a PR nightmare for that company, but they'd be well within their rights to demand it. At that point, OCR could either 1) try to come to some kind of agreement so the free songs could stay up, or 2) comply with the company's demand failing the first option. That's not to say the staff of OCR couldn't try to fight them in some way (fair use claims, etc.), but if they'd want to stay in the good graces of other game companies, raising a big stink over it wouldn't be the most advisable course of action. In fact, something like that's happened before with the mascots in the upper right corner of the website's pages. I believe it was Square-Enix who wanted their characters removed from the randomized roster, and OCR basically had to remove them. It was kind of an odd thing to get protective about with all of the Squenix remixes here, but... Anyway, with that gloom and doom said, most gaming companies won't raise a stink about posting free remixes on Youtube or someplace like that. The occasional individual musician might (like what happened with Starr Mazer DSP), but it's less than likely you'll get a DMCA take-down notice because you remixed the Stage 1 theme from Psycho Fox. And when it comes to music used a movies, I don't know. The rights holders can get pissy at times with those mediums, but I don't recall hearing about great swaths of remixes of popular movie themes getting wiped from Youtube. So I doubt you'd get blindsided there with your BTTF theme.
  3. Well, it's been two months since this thread was created, and... there have been two confirmed remixers besides myself have signed up. I think it's safe to say, this is a rather slow start. But, perhaps a fresh bump will get some folks coming around. In the meantime, I'll be sending out a PM to the those onboard the AOCC train in the next few days.
  4. Well holy shit balls, Batman. It's that time once again! Time to start thinking about Christmas as the temps climb to 100ºF+ around the country and people wax nostalgic about when it was cold, while forgetting all the bitching they did regarding how cold it was. The snow, the ice, the wishing it was warm again... you know, the usual mid-January stuff. And it's in that spirit... sort of... that we take our first step in getting this year's project underway. SO! This project is open to any and all OCR members, regardless of whether you're a posted remixer or not. And now, the details... When's The Project Deadline?- December 20th, 2019 at 11:59 P.M. EST. This is now a REALLY hard, non-negotiable deadline, since it's very close to Christmas. We've had lots of last-minute entries and updates over the years and, to be perfectly honest, it shouldn't be that way. With months of time, having to hold off as long as possible for people made things pretty hectic for myself and Dyne in the past. Treating this project like a college paper that doesn't get worked on until the last minute got annoying rather quickly when it kept adding up to lots of hurrying year after year, with last second updates to artwork and retagging/reuploading things. As such, you have until one minute before midnight EST on December 20th to get me the final WAV or MP3 of your song. After that, you're shit outta luck until next year. I need time to do everything, including possibly making a little website to host this project if Dyne isn't online for one reason or another. So this deadline's set in stone... PERIOD. What Information Does The Coop Need?- When you send me your final versions, I'll need what name you want to use (real or remixer handle) and the name of your remix. Please, come up with something when you send me links to the file, rather than just giving me a file called "ff6-owa-v3f.mp3" and nothing else. You don't have to tell me what song you're remixing, but I do need a name. Plus, if you have a website you'd like to pimp, supply that as well and I can add it to the MP3 tags. What Can Be Remixed?- Any song, really. Traditional Christmas carols, video game music, published music by a signed artist, music from TV/cartoons/anime... whatever gets your heart racing and into that Christmas spirit. This isn't an official OCR album, so you can draw from more sources than just VGM. Plus, you can take a non-Christmas tune, like the Main Theme from Space Harrier, Stage 6 Mission 2 from Metal Head, or I Defend STM from Truxton II, and turn it into a Christmasy one. So know that it's not limited only to songs that are Christmas-like to begin with. All that said, do keep in mind that if you want to submit your song to OCR later, you'll need to keep this site's guidelines in the back of your mind. But for this album, you can take it in just about any direction you want and get as crazy as you'd like (but please, no "Silver Bells" done in farts or something). How Long Can My Song Be?- As long as you want it to be. There are no restrictions on this, so whether it's 1:30, or 9:51 with a five minute guitar solo ala Metallica, it's all good. But again, if you want to submit your song to OCR later, keep their guidelines in mind. What Genres Can I Remix In?- Again, the door's wide open here. Rap, Metal, Pop, Piano-solo, Orchestral, Jazz, 8/16-bit, Barber Shop Quartet, A capella, Death Polka... it's up to you where you want to take it. What Format Should I Submit My Song In?- WAV or an MP3 of at least 192KB/s quality. I'll be tagging the MP3s and making MP3s from any submitted wavs, so you don't have to worry about that. But, if you'd like your website to be in the MP3 comments section, be sure to give it to me when you submit your song. How About A Little Music To Get Us In The Mood?- To help everyone along, here's a YouTube list of Christmasy tunes made by Ocre a number of years ago... What's The Website's Address Again?- It's got a new home at... This album will still be downloaded there as well, as Dyne will continue to host the albums on his site. How Do We Contact This The Coop Person?- If you've got questions, comments, concerns, want feedback, or your track is done and ready to be sent to me, you can PM me here on OCR, or send me an E-mail at Just be sure you remember to include a link to your remix. So yeah, there you go. You've got over five months to get something done for the lovely people of OverClocked Remix and the billions of listeners around the world who've become followers of our project. Good luck, have fun and make everyone some Nice Work™! Artists involved thus far... The Coop (director, cover artist and remixer) Lampje4life (remixer) TheChargingRhino (remixer) PlanarianHugger (remixer)
  5. I uh, I'll pass. I'm not a fan of Plug'n Play stuff, let alone oddly made ones (clear buttons and a face shaped like the Capcom logo?). And it better be heavy, or else two people playing on that thing will be awkward as hell... especially with the fighting games. If they were doing this as a new retro pack for consoles and Steam, I'd be all over it. But I'm not spending $260 (based off of the current Euro pricing of €230) so I can play the games that they haven't released in past compilations.
  6. Talk about coming out of the woodwork. It's been ages since I last saw a post from you, Aurora. How've you been?
  7. I've been thinking about the past a bit lately. Looking back on who I've known, what I've done, what I still want to do from some of those moments... things like that. Among those thoughts came something of an oddity; a little idea that kind of got me strolling through smaller bits and pieces of those gone-by times. Namely, what was the first game that I can remember buying with my own money? Now, I'd owned systems before the point in this little tale. The Atari 2600 and the Atari XEGS were where I spent my earlier years in console gaming. But the games I got for them were always bought for me from places like Toys R Us, Sears and whatnot. Even anything I bought with Christmas or birthday money, was still gotten with money that I'd been given by my parents. I was just a brief middle-man stopping point, which made it so that it was really them still buying something for me. Which means, to the best of my knowledge, the first game I bought with money I'd earned on my own was After Burner II on the SEGA Genesis. I remember I had to work that day, and my mom wanted to go to a Target store that was near where I worked (as in, pretty much right across the street). We left early enough so that I could go with her before I had to get to work, which meant walking to that Target in the warm mid-morning Phoenix sun. While she picked up some things that she wanted, I spent my time in the video game area, browsing through the Genesis section that was less than organized. I swear, it was like they'd only get one or two copies of a game in and then they'd just put them wherever... which meant digging though each row to see all that they had in stock. Anyway, it was there that I found After Burner II hanging on one of those long metal pegs that were always used to display the Genesis games via their plastic hang tabs. I'd just gotten my second paycheck a couple of days earlier (the first had to go toward helping pay some bills) and, with me being a fan of the arcade original, I was all for getting to play the game at home. So, I picked it up, tracked down my mom elsewhere in the store, and paid for it after she'd gone through the checkout line. We walked over to the store where I worked and grabbed a quick bite to eat at one of those little food wagons that would set up at the far end of the parking lot. We talked, ate and commented on how we wished the car was working again. It wasn't long before the time came for me to get to my job. I handed my bag to my mom, she walked home with my game and her own goodies, and I spent the next seven hours waiting to play what I'd bought. It was worth the wait, though. It's not the best port of After Burner II out there, but for the time, it was fast, fun and close enough. God knows I put enough hours into it before I finally beat it for the first time. So... what was the first game you guys and gals bought with the money you'd earned for yourself? Feel free to share
  8. Congrats pm, and to everyone who was a part of this. And of course, thanks for letting me take part
  9. Borderline Power Metal, but it has a number of other traits that fit the genre...
  10. They hit a few genres with their music, depending on which song you hear. Metal, Rock, Pop, bits of Disco... their output kind of touches a number of genres. But in truth, they've described themselves in the past as a Swedish rock band, so Rock would probably be the best thing to run with. Although, I liked the Scooby Doom Metal tag I saw once
  11. I would have posted stuff sooner, but I haven't been by the site for a bit. As for Powerwolf, I enjoy them. Monsters, demons, catchy choruses, and a slice of cheese to round it out. I found out about them a few years back and have been listening to them ever since. You're already aware of Orden Ogan, who are also a good listen. You should also look into Battle Beast, Helloween and Sabaton for more in the genre. In the meantime, here are a few more Powerwolf songs from different albums... As a quick note, their first two albums (Return in Blood Red and Lupus Die) sound rather different from what I've posted. They were closer to straight up Metal instead of Power Metal back then, as it wasn't until their third album (Bible of the Beast) that they got the Power Metal sound they've been running with for years now.