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  1. Thanks. Yeah, nearly 20 years of this. I may have to try and come up with something special for 'Twas XX. Heh. Sure, blame it on me To all those who made their way through this 25-page beast of stanzas, hope you enjoyed it. And of course, Merry Christmas
  2. With Christmas Eve nearly over, and Christmas Day about to hit, hope everyone enjoyed the music this year
  3. A quick update. I messed up a little on the back cover, as the text isn't quite centered. Until Dyne updates it with the fixed version I sent him, you can grab it here...
  4. It's that time. Once again, some of the folks who post on OCR have come together to make an album full of Christmas-y remixes for you to enjoy. This year, we've got 10 tracks that touch on a number of genres and moods, along with some pixel cover art by yours truly. You can download the project from the link below, so feel free to grab it... along with the other 13 albums As always, thanks to everyone who participated, tried to participate, and to Dyne for continuing to host it. http://williammichael.info/aocc/aoccv14.html http://williammichael.info/aocc/
  5. And with that, this album project is finished. I've sent it to Dyne to put on the official website, so now it's just a matter of waiting. Once he has it all set, I'll post a link to the thread for the album release in here. While we wait, for those who didn't get their tracks done, feel free to continue working on them and send them to me. They can go on AOCC v.XV next year. You'll just get them done waaaaaaaaaay early .
  6. And here we are again, good people of OCR. It's December 18, one week before Christmas, and the next poem in this little tradition of mine is ready to go. So relax, grab a stiff drink, and something to munch on. Here... we... go! Twas XIX: One Night At A Time by The Coop Twas the night before Christmas and from where she stood, Liane stared thoughtfully at her old neighborhood. The bridge that she stood on stretched across a river that was running some one hundred feet below her. It was just outside of town, not far from the mall. It gave her a
  7. Update #3 is out in the wild. Do give it a read, won't you?
  8. Well, we're at the two months to go mark, which means I'll be sending everyone a PM later this evening. So keep an eye out for that.
  9. Been a while. But, here's what will likely be the last single from the album, one with a video made just for it. This one's "A Mother's Last Lullaby (2019)" and it's dedicated to my mother who passed away last year...
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