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  1. Single number four is finally up after some issues. This one's called "Unchained"...
  2. It's being released later than I planned, but the third single from this album, "Freed At Sunset," is out...
  3. My intent wasn't to suggest that what I wrote were the sole reasons why the forums are slow, but they were a factor in it IMO. So I guess we disagree on whether or not changes to the site, its rules, etc., played a role in it all over the years.
  4. Not necessarily. Shadowe may have meant it how you're taking it, but here's my long-winded take on that part of his comments. It's been some 13 years since UnMod was deleted and eventually replaced with Off Topic. If I recall, around that same time, Community had some stricter rules put in place on the kinds of threads that were and weren't allowed (ones considered overdone or pointless). Between Off Topic and Community, threads that seemed harmless (random discussions, "What's your favorite _____?", picture threads, etc.) still got locked or deleted, which irked some people. Then add in how that by that time, quite a few people had been around for five years or more, which lead to them slowly drifting away from the site because of real life, loss of interest, etc. And onto that, add in those who left because of the UnMod/Sidebar/new rules drama/frustration. What you end up with is a kind of perfect little storm that saw the forums begin to slow down. Then you could factor in how new people didn't always come along to fill the gaps that were left behind by those who were more active on the forums when they split, how people started running out of different ways to say the same things on a given topic, outside factors like how forums weren't the main way for people to communicate online anymore... it all contributed. Hell, one could even argue that the slow down was added to as the proverbial old guard left over time; how the "characters" that made things entertaining went away, which caused others to leave after a while. That idea might sound silly to some, but we all showed up and got to know each other within a given time period. We stuck around for years and basically made this place our playground of sorts (oh the many OCR-centric memes... some of which wouldn't fly today). New faces came around and saw/read our antics throughout the site and stuck around to take part. As those familiar faces left, other familiar faces didn't post as much. The antics died down, and the process slowly continued as new people showed up. None of this was abrupt by any means, mind you. It all happened gradually. But in the end, the forums have been slowing down since around that time. Not because UnMod went bye-byes, but because of the changes with and within the site, the changes in the WWW around it, and the changes with the people who visit to it.
  5. The thing to keep in mind with the blogs is that, to me, there'll need to be something that points to them. If they're going to be added, then perhaps a line under a user's screen name that points to their profile/blog so that it's not quite so tucked away behind needing to scroll your mouse over someones avatar to make it appear. It wouldn't need to be big or flashy, just something like "Profile and Blog" bolded under their screen name as a link that can be clicked. I mean, we live in a world where if it's out of sight, it's out of mind. So if it's implemented, making it visible would be a good thing IMO. As for the gallery mode, it falls into the same category. if it gets added, I'd suggest making it so its existance can be seen when a person posts. Again, not flashy, just there. As for the idea itself? For the visual artists, especially those who've done work for OCR albums and such, it would be a nice way to let visitors see their work (be it for and outside of OCR). File size limits and such would need to be put in place, as would some filters so that you don't end up with someone using goatse as someone's album art and then slapping it on their profile here. But it would be a nice way to give someone's aural and visual art a place to be checked out, especially if you're talking art and music done for OCR projects. It again goes back to my comments about the visual side of OCR that's always been there, and how it can be given some lime light too. Plus, it might even get a bit of exposure for that artist, which could lead to getting paid work. I mean, the remixes hosted here have done that for some musicians, right? Soooo...
  6. A thread stating that sigatures are gone, with people agreeing with and not agreeing with the action taken, and those people discussing it within said thread. Madness! As for options, you're pretty much looking at them already, DarkeSword. If sigs of any kind are gone forever, then that means posters here have posted-remixer pages with links to their Facebook, Youtube, etc., user profile pages (same links potentially available), or a forum to pimp their stuff (which we basically already have with the Workshop forums). Not sure what else someone's going to be given beyond that outside of a personalized OCR-user blog (which if I recall, was something that was being considered at one point).
  7. It was already like that before this change. Back in October, I stumbled across something in my profile and I was able to upload my Halloween signature there in the signature option (it used the same "choose files" setup that you see on each post you make). The file was then hosted on OCR, which is how people were able to see that image for a couple of months before the signature option was pulled.
  8. Are you a fan of Chris Huelsbeck's work? Want to own a metric fuckton of his albums? Groupees has a bundle going on right now that features nearly all of the albums that Huelsbeck has listed on his Bandcamp page, and there's still a mystery album that's yet to be revealed if enough bundles are bought (I'm really hoping it's Turrican Anthology Vol. 4). $15 gets you quite a bit of music from him, including the soundtracks to a number of the games he was involved in, and a lot of Turrican music. So if you're interested, go here and check it out before the sale ends in 13 days...
  9. A (slightly) early Merry Christmas to those who've listened to, supported, and took part in, this project. Hope you got at least a little holiday cheer and enjoyment from it
  10. They've always been fart fans to me Merry Christmas to any who came by. Hope you enjoyed the (long) read
  11. The main site is live with this album. So I've updated the first post.
  12. Well hello there, folks! Yes, the time has once again come. As has been the tradition for over a decade now, remixers new and seasoned have come together to make a Christmas album for everyone to enjoy. Featuring songs from video games that were given a little yuletide twist, and traditional Christmas carols that got a kick in the genre, this year we have 10 songs for you get into the spirit with. Once again, a "thanks" goes out to Dyne for hosting this. And from all of us involved with this project, we hope you have a merry Christmas
  13. That's it. Time's up. I'll be tagging the MP3s, typing up the text for the back cover, and sending everything to Dyne. Once he lets me know that the page for the album is done, I'll update the upcoming thread. Thanks to everyone who got a remix in, and to those who tried to
  14. Less than an hour to go. So if anyone's doing a last second touch up, or if there are any unannounced stragglers who were thinking about getting in on the action, now's the time to get it done.