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  1. Borderline Power Metal, but it has a number of other traits that fit the genre...
  2. They hit a few genres with their music, depending on which song you hear. Metal, Rock, Pop, bits of Disco... their output kind of touches a number of genres. But in truth, they've described themselves in the past as a Swedish rock band, so Rock would probably be the best thing to run with. Although, I liked the Scooby Doom Metal tag I saw once
  3. I would have posted stuff sooner, but I haven't been by the site for a bit. As for Powerwolf, I enjoy them. Monsters, demons, catchy choruses, and a slice of cheese to round it out. I found out about them a few years back and have been listening to them ever since. You're already aware of Orden Ogan, who are also a good listen. You should also look into Battle Beast, Helloween and Sabaton for more in the genre. In the meantime, here are a few more Powerwolf songs from different albums... As a quick note, their first two albums (Return in Blood Red and Lupus Die) sound rather different from what I've posted. They were closer to straight up Metal instead of Power Metal back then, as it wasn't until their third album (Bible of the Beast) that they got the Power Metal sound they've been running with for years now.
  4. Finished up Leon's first run early this morning and enjoyed it quite a bit. The new visuals, the aural upgrade, the gameplay tweaks, the plot touch ups and such made it a fun experience and a great update to an already very good game. Running and hiding in spots to avoid Mr. X as he goes stomping by, and then quietly walking away so as not to alert him, broke up to zombie fighting in nice ways. It really adds a lot of tension to the game, especially when he's not that close and you're unsure of whether what you're hearing are your footsteps, or his. Definitely glad I picked this up and hope that Capcom gives RE3 this kind of attention in the future. Now, I'm off to start Claire's first run.
  5. Nope. I stopped collecting that since maybe half mention what their source is each year. I figure if someone's really curious, they can ask in this thread. But, since you mentioned yours, I'll throw mine out there too. I used three songs from the PC game, The Immortal.
  6. Thanks djp Right now, I honestly have no idea. There was some talk (as I'm sure you saw), but I haven't been told or seen anything beyond that.
  7. Yep. It's that time of year and you know what that means... CHRISTMAS MUSIC! This year, we've got 14 songs that cover quite the spectrum of genres. Taking traditional carols and songs from various games, 13 artists have given them a Christmasy makeover. You can grab them all right here (the songs, not the artists), along with the previous 11 albums... As always, a big thanks to everyone who took part this year and to Dyne for once again hosting this album. Merry Christmas, folks
  8. And that, good people, is that. No more submissions, as it's time for me to wrap this package up. And no, that's not a euphemism... maybe.
  9. Final PM sent out, folks. Any stragglers have 19 hours and 44 minutes left.
  10. The Coop

    'Twas XVII

    Thanks This one was 15 pages of stanzas. I wrote a number of them that were about 24-27 pages. They should still be around on the site if you do a "twas" search.