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  1. I uh, I'll pass. I'm not a fan of Plug'n Play stuff, let alone oddly made ones (clear buttons and a face shaped like the Capcom logo?). And it better be heavy, or else two people playing on that thing will be awkward as hell... especially with the fighting games. If they were doing this as a new retro pack for consoles and Steam, I'd be all over it. But I'm not spending $260 (based off of the current Euro pricing of €230) so I can play the games that they haven't released in past compilations.
  2. Talk about coming out of the woodwork. It's been ages since I last saw a post from you, Aurora. How've you been?
  3. I've been thinking about the past a bit lately. Looking back on who I've known, what I've done, what I still want to do from some of those moments... things like that. Among those thoughts came something of an oddity; a little idea that kind of got me strolling through smaller bits and pieces of those gone-by times. Namely, what was the first game that I can remember buying with my own money? Now, I'd owned systems before the point in this little tale. The Atari 2600 and the Atari XEGS were where I spent my earlier years in console gaming. But the games I got for them were always bought for me from places like Toys R Us, Sears and whatnot. Even anything I bought with Christmas or birthday money, was still gotten with money that I'd been given by my parents. I was just a brief middle-man stopping point, which made it so that it was really them still buying something for me. Which means, to the best of my knowledge, the first game I bought with money I'd earned on my own was After Burner II on the SEGA Genesis. I remember I had to work that day, and my mom wanted to go to a Target store that was near where I worked (as in, pretty much right across the street). We left early enough so that I could go with her before I had to get to work, which meant walking to that Target in the warm mid-morning Phoenix sun. While she picked up some things that she wanted, I spent my time in the video game area, browsing through the Genesis section that was less than organized. I swear, it was like they'd only get one or two copies of a game in and then they'd just put them wherever... which meant digging though each row to see all that they had in stock. Anyway, it was there that I found After Burner II hanging on one of those long metal pegs that were always used to display the Genesis games via their plastic hang tabs. I'd just gotten my second paycheck a couple of days earlier (the first had to go toward helping pay some bills) and, with me being a fan of the arcade original, I was all for getting to play the game at home. So, I picked it up, tracked down my mom elsewhere in the store, and paid for it after she'd gone through the checkout line. We walked over to the store where I worked and grabbed a quick bite to eat at one of those little food wagons that would set up at the far end of the parking lot. We talked, ate and commented on how we wished the car was working again. It wasn't long before the time came for me to get to my job. I handed my bag to my mom, she walked home with my game and her own goodies, and I spent the next seven hours waiting to play what I'd bought. It was worth the wait, though. It's not the best port of After Burner II out there, but for the time, it was fast, fun and close enough. God knows I put enough hours into it before I finally beat it for the first time. So... what was the first game you guys and gals bought with the money you'd earned for yourself? Feel free to share
  4. Congrats pm, and to everyone who was a part of this. And of course, thanks for letting me take part
  5. Borderline Power Metal, but it has a number of other traits that fit the genre...
  6. They hit a few genres with their music, depending on which song you hear. Metal, Rock, Pop, bits of Disco... their output kind of touches a number of genres. But in truth, they've described themselves in the past as a Swedish rock band, so Rock would probably be the best thing to run with. Although, I liked the Scooby Doom Metal tag I saw once
  7. I would have posted stuff sooner, but I haven't been by the site for a bit. As for Powerwolf, I enjoy them. Monsters, demons, catchy choruses, and a slice of cheese to round it out. I found out about them a few years back and have been listening to them ever since. You're already aware of Orden Ogan, who are also a good listen. You should also look into Battle Beast, Helloween and Sabaton for more in the genre. In the meantime, here are a few more Powerwolf songs from different albums... As a quick note, their first two albums (Return in Blood Red and Lupus Die) sound rather different from what I've posted. They were closer to straight up Metal instead of Power Metal back then, as it wasn't until their third album (Bible of the Beast) that they got the Power Metal sound they've been running with for years now.
  8. Finished up Leon's first run early this morning and enjoyed it quite a bit. The new visuals, the aural upgrade, the gameplay tweaks, the plot touch ups and such made it a fun experience and a great update to an already very good game. Running and hiding in spots to avoid Mr. X as he goes stomping by, and then quietly walking away so as not to alert him, broke up to zombie fighting in nice ways. It really adds a lot of tension to the game, especially when he's not that close and you're unsure of whether what you're hearing are your footsteps, or his. Definitely glad I picked this up and hope that Capcom gives RE3 this kind of attention in the future. Now, I'm off to start Claire's first run.
  9. Nope. I stopped collecting that since maybe half mention what their source is each year. I figure if someone's really curious, they can ask in this thread. But, since you mentioned yours, I'll throw mine out there too. I used three songs from the PC game, The Immortal.
  10. Thanks djp Right now, I honestly have no idea. There was some talk (as I'm sure you saw), but I haven't been told or seen anything beyond that.